Case Study: The Cordoba Center Mosque


Last Updated: 03/18/2019

Thanks for your interest in my study about the Cordoba Center.

** Current Phase: Editing for submission to committee.

  7/1/2018: Writing  Conclusions and Recommendations

  3/16/2018: Draft of Results submitted for review.

  1/13/2018: Themes analysis completed  (pattern coding method).

 1/7/2018: First phase of coding is complete for all transcripts (attribute, simultaneous, and descriptive coding methods).

 12/2017: Transcripts and summaries have been sent to participants for their review.

 7/2017: Summaries are being prepared for review by participants.

 6/2017-7/2017: Interview Participants

I’m trying to learn why building the Cordoba Center mosque, community center, and cemetery has been controversial. I’d like to interview various people and am inviting members of the community to participate.

Research Question:

What are the key elements that led to community protest and ensuing CEQA lawsuit against the Cordoba Center?

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Fred Sahakian, PhD
Public Policy and Administration