List of Qualitative Research Software


Websites (free)

A free web application that allows you to upload recorded interviews (audio, video, YouTube) and transcribe in the same window. Creates times stamps and has onscreen controls.  Very easy to use, start transcribing within a few minutes. (free)

A free audio format converter.  Enter a website address or upload a file and select the format and recording quality.

Time Glider (free)

Web-based timeline software for creating and sharing history and project planning.


ClipMenu (free)

Clipboard Manager that improves your typing speed by allowing you to cut and paste multiple items and once.

LiquidPlanner (free for education use)

I love liquid planner.  An excellent tool that helps you plan your projects.

SwiftText (Paid)

Sometime your need a quick notepad.  SwiftText stays out of the way, and just helps when you really need it.  The autosave is an added benefit.

Yoink ( (Paid – $7.99, free trial version available)

If you manage a lot of files and find yourself having to open and close windows many windows as you move things around, Yoink is an excellent tool.  It’s a temporary holding space that will improve your workflow.